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Who We Serve

Hint: The Whole Family!


Pregnant Mamas

We are here to support you through one of the biggest transformations in your life.

Physically speaking, having a balanced pelvis is ideal for your baby’s position (providing comfort for both mama and baby), and a productive labor.

Overall harmony in the womb is supported by nurturing your nervous system’s connection to your baby.

Chiropractic care in pregnancy is one of the most natural, noninvasive, and affordable things you can do to set you and your body up for the best possible experience!

Dr. Beth is Webster Certified which means Dr. Beth is the most qualified type of chiropractor to help with your pregnancy!


Giving birth is no cakewalk for mama, as we all well know. But we often overlook how tough being born is for the star of the show- the baby!

Whether the baby is born vaginally or via Cesarean, chiropractic can support the transition from the womb to the new world - and there's no such thing as "too little/young" for an adjustment!

Gentle manipulations in certain key areas of your baby’s body can help to ease tension and strain and naturally help with tongue and lip ties, colic, constipation, plagiocephaly, skin issues, and developmental milestones. 



Between sports, sibling tussles, and enjoying childhood, there's a wide range of reasons why parents bring their kiddos to us! 

Sports performance & injuries

Improves spinal posture
Assists with bed-wetting and sleep issues
Alleviates digestive problems
Helps with asthma and breathing difficulties
Strengthens immunity
Enhances their overall health and wellbeing
Assists with behavioral disorders
Maximizes their neural plasticity


Our office is family-friendly. But rest assured, this doesn't mean "quiet and freshly bathed" only!

Need a baby holder while you get adjusted? Cool. Need to go to the bathroom by yourself for the first time all day? We got you. Do crying or tantrums derail us? Not even a little.

Our family adjusting rooms and appointment blocks take the stress out of your appointment.

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